Grigorii S. Pushnoi

Independent Researcher






  1. 1992. Graduated St. Petersburg State University (physics faculty).
  2. 1993-2003. Crash of the USSR and deep crisis in Russia.
    Unemployment, worker at different enterprises, manager, tutor, economic analyst.
  3. 2003 - Independent researcher.
  • Current Projects:
    1. Moderator of scientific Forum "SOCINTEGRUM".
    2. New interpretation of Marx's "Theory of Value" (in process)
    3. "Labor Theory of Value" as exact science (discussion at "SOCINTEGRUM").
    4. Method of Systems Potential and Evolutionary Cycles (discussion at "SOCINTEGRUM")
    5. "Transformation Problem" (discussion at "SOCINTEGRUM")
    6. "Why stars are shining?" - nonhomogeneous time as the cause of Hubble' law and of energy of stars" (discussion at "SOCINTEGRUM")

    1. Updated October 10, 2022